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Hi guys.
Welcome to your wiki. We will use this page section for info on the campaign that will be useful to all. I’ll post your xp here soon! Woohoo.

XP for occurrences so far in crevassed altar room.

9th – 1799
10th – 1339
11th – 982

We are on this week 28th, burgers go on at 6.

Donk will be late :)

Ascendant membership fees -paid Ashkum/liddelows/Vasili/Dexam

Sat 12th start at 7:30, no John,Sam or Aidan but have their characters. See ya then!

XP for assassin/half Orc full plate/female alluring beastly thing 21/7/12
Vasili 1466
Rono 2475
Gig 2475

Main Page

Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk Ashkum