Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

Statue and Assassin 28/4/12

As a nervous Hael heads back to Greyhawk City to do some research on Nerull and statues of, Asparte, Vasyli and Tinka more than undo any restorations to Nerull’s statue they had made. Gyg is rudely awakened from his sleep by a voice booming from the shadows, “Deal my vengeance and reap my rewards”. He then watches on with Rono and Finnegal as hands and head are hacked from the body and the statue is partially toppled into the crevasse.

The party, minus Hael, then moved through a southern door where Finnegal “discovered” a comely statue of a woman made of gold, who then morphed into a not so comely statue of Nerull and nearly took his hand off with a scythe. Having survived with but a flesh wound, Finn led the party through a door to the East and they searched four bedrooms off a hallway to no avail.

Ever the party scout Finn, after listening at and examining a door at the Eastern end of the hallway, moved into a room beyond to examine some papers left on a desk. A realization that the list was an itemization of goods acquired on the 24th of Patchwall was the second last thought of his life. The last was a recognition of the fact that he, a master of stealth and evasion (peskylittlevarmintness),had himself been outstealthed, as a rapier was precisely driven between his ribs into his heart.

Sliced and diced by the greatsword of Rono, the horned assassin fled through a door to the North and up some stairs, which is where he was felled by a mighty blow from Vasili as he entered another room. A lovely human female lies in ripped garments upon a bed at the other side of the room and a not so lovely half Orc in black full plate shouts “How dare you violate my domain”, as he stands up from a table and draws his swords,one long and one short.



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