Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

The Short Story so far.

Commissioned by Bishop Haufren and Her Glorious Radiance Neshia High Priestess of Pelor, the party has travelled to the Free City of Greyhawk.

The Patriarch Cleric of Boccob Riggby has died naturally at a ripe old age, much,it is feared, to a certain Demigods disgust.Iuz the Evil, The Old One, master and perfecter of cruelty, surviving an assassination attempt twenty seven years earlier by Riggby and five others, swore vengeance upon all of his attackers, dedicating a portion of his not inconsiderable eternal rage toward plotting their destruction. Thus the Bishop and Her Radiance have not totally discounted the disquieting rumours emanating from Greyhawk that Iuz is, perhaps, in more of a rage than normal, if that were possible, and that his revenge is imminent.

Preceeding the procession of Riggby’s corpse, you have been sent to investigate any potential threats to the peace of the region, in particular in relation to the passing of Riggby.

Zagig’s bridge spanning the Selintan River a couple of miles out of the Free City of Greyhawk was the scene of your first confrontation since leaving Verbobonc. The destitute settlement of Havel was the scene of a raid on a caravan by a party of orcs and ogres led by a half-Orc sorcerer mounted on a wyvern, none of whom ever expected your party to come charging over the hill to summarily despatch them in no short time.

It was here that you tended to a wounded and dying Ricard Demaris,proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn. In gratitude he has extended his somewhat considerable hospitality to you at his Inn in the River Quarter of Greyhawk City.



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