Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

Godsday 4th Readyreed

FASTTRACK: Tinker with party again. Asparte advises items on wolf had been removed before the body could be retrieved. Fin suspects Grizgol used items to replenish itsef. Tinker wants to teleport wolf body back to the woods (HA!!). Asparte said “beyond my capacity”. Tinker hires funerary train for wolf (20gp). Tinker buys a ring of sustenance and healing collar. Fin and Tinker stay in Verbabonc. Vassily and Asparte teleport to Green Dragon Inn. Asparte had made a vow to perform ritual healing at Greyhawk Cuthbertine temple on Godsday. Vassily spends his time (probably getting smashed) at the Green Dragon.
Later that night Asparte returns to the Green Dragon to see Vassily and an unhinged Gig at the lords table. Gig now has a faintly glowing symbol of Zagyg. Asparte retires to the Cuthbertine temple to fill in Eritaya and finish up. Fin and Tinker come to the Inn later on.



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