Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

Earliest recorded notes

These notes are pretty sketchy, if you guys can clarify or amend go for your life.

Party finds disabled “Able Carter Coach Company” caravans, the caravans have orange and black heraldry/symbols of the company. they were heading south, we were heading north.

Bocobite cleric “Akten” escorts wagon from Divers. Rigby died and is returning to Verbabonc

We come to Havel, a Half orc rides a harnessed wyvern (carrying potions, goggles, sickle, dagger, appears to be second in command). Amongst ogres and orcs and multilimbed humanoids. A half orc commander carrying “the blade of chaos” yelled out “Kill the witnesses”.

Ricard Demaris returned from Divers. Orc force fled to hills in the North, archers amongst them.
Tracked orcs to ruins of castle Greyhawk towers of Magic, War

Gig donates to Havel, party attempts to help Havel clean up.



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