Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

A chamber of horrors/The Light is dimmed

As Hael continues to Greyhawk the party enters the Bedchamber to deal with the Half-Orc brute and rescue the maid in distress. As Rono and Vasyli engage the plate clad Half-Orc, Asparte narrowly avoids falling into a pit trap laden with spikes and perhaps worse, as there is also movement in the pit. He then regathers himself and applies a dispel magic on the brute in plate as Tinka starts to summon a good friend of hers.
Rono, heavily and effectively engaged in melee, is suddenly beset with an unwanted paralysis, as Vasyli is given some of his own medicine from the Half-orc who has already tasted his bastard sword. Two strikes from a flaming long sword and a third from a perfectly wielded short sword immediately earn the respect and focus of Vasyli, as he starts to bleed profusely onto the cold stone floor.
Asparte remobilizes Rono with his Panacea but the Duskblade’s attention is drawn to the damsel in distress cowering on the bed and he resolutely heads in her direction, ever the heroic saviour. Tinka’s ferocious friend arrives in the form of a massive ferral wolf who promptly rips and trips the dual wielding enemy, who falls onto the table on which he was making his stand. It is to be his final resting place via the sword of Bahamut’s Vassal, who is bolstered considerably by the healing hand of Pelor, via His Noble Radiance Asparte.
Gig, having delayed his contemplation of the perfection of the Eccles cake, flies magically into the room and positions himself over the pit, a cunning plan developing in his somewhat formidable mind…………… To be contd
……………oh, he half forgot what it was and then remembered that he couldn’t transpose an enemy creature into mid air with that spell after all.

Meanwhile Hael is enjoying the sunshine and the stroll toward Greyhawk when he is suddenly assaulted with a fiery orb from the roadside ahead. Calling upon the powers of evil that dwell deep within him, he summons forth a ghastly viper and a fiendish hawk to assist him in battle against what appears to be a snake made if fire.
Hael disappears from view amidst a swirl of duplicate images and is surprised when the fire serpent strikes home with a savage bite and manages to constrict him in a deadly embrace of fire. In desperation Hael teleports out of the stranglehold and as his evil associates then engage the serpent, Hael is allowed to slip away as they sacrifice their existence on the material plane for him.
A minor altercation and Greyhawk is again his focus.

Back in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, Asparte, having channeled healing into Rono, is paralyzed after meeting the foul beasts gaze for but a moment. Tinka summons the aid of an arrow hawk who blasts the beast with an electrical burst, inspiring a bout of feminine laughter that seems otherworldly coming from the ghastly visage of the clawed creature.
Vasili blocks the ears of Rono who comes out of his captivated stupor and rallies to the fray. This inspires a frenzied attack by the foul beast, so furious in fact that it deeply wounds itself as it attempts to tear Rono apart. However it then turns its merciless focus onto the helpless servant of Pelor who is still frozen to the spot. Wrapping it’s huge claws around his throat, it squeezes and tears until a distinct snapping sound is heard throughout the chamber and the radiant Asparte collapses lifeless to the floor……..to be contd



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