Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

9am Moonday 3rd Readyreed

Notes a little sketchy..

Gig wakes in total darkness except for a faint glow from his left cheek. There is a faint rustling in the distance. Feeling along the wall Gig heads to the store room and teleports to the Green Dragon……

Tinkers wolf is dead and the remaineder of the party (Asparte, Fin, Tinker, Vassily) make their way to Grandma Henry’s. Fin proceeds to research regarding constructs and other things. Asparte meets with Neshia brings her up to speed on what has been happening. Asparte communes with powers celestial with the following answers:

  • Iuz is always a threat
  • Face the fear of the earth

Asparte suggests we return and start were we found the caravan goods before and face the gigantic earth creature. Fin paid 90gp and found out about the foes we faced: Elder Xorn; Umber hulk; Shadesteel golem.

Fin and Asparte decide to return to the ruined library to retrieve the corpses of our fellow party members and the magic collar from Tinker’s wolf. Fin and Asparte buff themselves crazy with protective spells. Asparte triggers the Jackal helm and they arrive invisibly in the ruined library. Asparte’s invisible shield lights the way.

The foe (Grizgol) is apparent over the bodies, giant size Asparte grabs the corpses, Grizgol swings at invisible Asparte, Fin releases a wall of thick cloying fog.

Asparte drags out the corpses of Silversheen and Sven, Fin casts an illusion to distract the Grizgol, the party teleports to Grandma Henry’s in Verbabonc.

FASTTRACK: No magic items left on bodies; coinage still on bodies; wait until Tinker comes back from summoning a replacement companion; Discussed approaching elevatorshaft to find a way to get the trade goods out of the tower. Vassily confirmed goods in shaft small portion compared to main list. Asparte speaks again with high priest for any leads. No one knows what happened to Gig. Plan is to return and fight Giganting earth creature. Vassily asks about the dwarves and trade goods. Nesia says best adventurers were sent to follow leads, but recruiting adventures would best be done in Greyhawk. Tinker has summonded huge viper as companion. Bodies of the dead are dealt with at the cathederal of Tritherion.



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