Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

12.30pm Sunday 2nd Readyreed

The fight continues……

The terran devourers with crude maws and thrashing triad limbs were kept at bay by Sven, Fin, Silvershine and the prostrate forms of Tinker’s Elementals (critical fumbles “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”). Asparte performed St Mayaheine’s liturgies of protection, fortifying (healing) Sven, in the face of the abominations thunderous blows.

Gig finally realised the struggle would encroach on his post lunch nap, calls on the gods of joss (and anyone who will give him the time of day), knitting together a sizable ball of lightning on the leg of one of the creatures. Fin reaches out with dark energies and clasps the gullet of one of the creatures (inevitable defeat touch spell) sending the miserly beast fleeing into the stone from whence it came.

With blade-work, of which the like Veluna had not seen in 100 years, Sven fended off the rain of blows from the remaining creature. Recovered from her brush with death, Tinker whispers to the stones of the earth and the fires below conjuring a pillar of flame and fury (FLAME STRIIIIKE!!!) upon the remaining creature. Amongst the blackened stone and tongues of flame the rock-like beast gives no ground.

The adventures continued to pummel the creature but to no avail, it is out of the struggle that Silvershine launched himself at the foe. With a mighty blow (nice crit dude) the enemy spun and swayed. Tinker’s elementals moved in and bludgeoned the beast mercilessly with caveman like brutality. As the elementals dissipate to their realm beyond the seen all that is left of the foes are unsightly stains and the upturned stone and smoke of a titanic fight.

The adventures gather together and take stock of the situation as Asparte tends to the wounds of the victors, Sven steels himself for the possibility of ambush from the remaining foe which fled through the stone.

At this point as the room has no doors we re-instigate the fast track approach to continuing on through the labyrinth of corridors and rooms. Fin scouts ahead (cloaked in shadow), reports back, returns to scouting and the party continues on. the party forms a linear marching order due to the nature of some of the corridors.

Fin headed down the long corridor running south, which became a crossroad east-west, continuing southwards. The southern corridor had three smaller corridors that broke off the main corridor, these led to small rooms (30×30) which contained broken vials, torn parchments broken apparatus and scorch marks on stone. Fin searched the rooms grabbing remaining intact vials, drawing on the arcane to perceive any sources of magic, none were found. The main corridor continued southward. The part followed Fin down past the last of the three off shoot corridors, Gig summoned dweomers of alarm (alarm spell) upon the crossroads behind to make sure we would know of any unpleasant company that might sneak up on us.

Fin continues on the corridor to the south opens up to a much larger room, does a cursory search. After the party become aware of the larger room the party (with the exception of Gig) move toward the entry of the larger room. Asparte activates his sphere of light, darkness flees as the 120 NS x200 EW room is displayed. The room appears to be the wreckage of an immense library. In the middle of the room stands a large figure wrapped in parchment, glints of metal peak out under the belted multiple robes of the unnervingly still humanoid.

On edge, aware of the perils already in faced in the dungeons of castle Greyhawk, the party prepares itself. From the rear of the corridor entry Gig splits into multiple images of the old man as he surveys the scene. Gig screams out above the peel of thunder as he calls forth crackling lightning at the figures feet “beware it is contructed from items of magic!”. Asparte steps into the librarium making the sign of St Mayaheine warding himself from the actions of the un-human (sancturary). Fin speaks the words of the old ones and the adventures actions become swift and sure (haste). Tinker called on spirits of beasts fell and fair to grant an ally in the ensuing struggle (natures ally), from the shadows a wolf most dire pads into the room the size of a large horse.

The figure (staring right at Gig) tilts his head almost imperceptibly as reality fractures, behind the tear, visions of roiling hells and oceans of fiery suns could be seen. From the tear in reality a conflagration of hell and fire barrage the party centred on the dire wolf (reducing it to a rat chewed piece of charcoal then a shadow on the wall), then erupting in waves of flame and superheat in all directions. Torrents of flame ripp down the corridor and engulf Gig in a curtain of flame. Gigs last thought funnily enough before being incinerated, then shattered into superfine particles by the 3rd shockwave was “not again” (which has lead to significant speculation by the unseen powers monitoring the situation).

Sven with blade aloft charges into battle with the shrouded envoy of death. Asparte tends to the remaining party members dispensing grace much needed after the nuclear holocaust.

Fin calls on powers arcane and attempted to strip the unnatural figure of its magical might, but to no avail (dispel magic). Silvershine, jumps in to engage the creature with Sven.

The figure fends of the blades and talons of Sven and Silvershine and began preparing a second round of other-worldy magicks..

Sven and Silvershine, seizing the opportunity (AoO) attack and fumble overcome from the scene they had previously witnessed.

The party takes a deep breath as the hooded creature forms a circle with its hands. Un-holy dry winds whip around Silvershine and Sven as they shrivel, drop their weapons, no longer able to support their weight as they dessicate into a pair of raisins (figuratively).

Fin, Tinker and Asparte look on in horror as their companions being so easily swept aside, taking stock of the situation the remaining party members flee back down the corridor and run the corridors of time and space to flee to Verbobonc……



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