Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

Sunday 2nd Readyreed


Issues from last time:

  • Rianne (Boccobites) advised us it is rumoured that Calistus the 1/2 demon/dark elf is in residence in the dungeons under the tower we have been exploring.
  • Eritraha queried us as to any signs of Iuz
  • The party has been employed by the Merchant Traders Guild & the Able Carter Coaching Co. to recover their lost wares in relation to the raiding ogres and orcs who may have a base in the dungeons that we are pursuing. Inventories and ledgers have been provided to the party.
  • Pursuing Vokos (whom we suspect of the desecration of the corpse) is no longer a concern to the party we have delegated his capture to the Bocvobites and Cuthbertines.
  • We have been tasked with retrieving the “Blade of Chaos”, for Rikard Demaris (proprietor of the Green dragon inn).

After the bar brawl, theparty slept then teleported into the dungeons, in the corridors adjacent to the lift shaft.

Light sources were Asparte’s shield and Sven’s buckle of light.

The party then explored for 90 minutes. Fin using dweomer-craft detected hidden doors. Eventually the party faced off against a nightmarish carapaced beast (part beetle, part gorilla), which had a talent to bewilder and confused the minds of those who looked upon it. Nonetheless it was slain.

the area of the encounter opened up to large natural cavern (300ft x 300ft approx sq) to the west. Asparte used his glass sphere of light to inspect the immediate surrounds after healing Sven. Fin took the lead in scouting the area. Gig couldn’t see what all the commotion was about, you’ve seen one beetle gorilla freak with multiple eyes you’ve seen them all.

The cavern was nondescript with a stream running from the northwest from a small underground pond(80ft x 50ft in the NW corner). The NW wall seeped water from another source and fed the pond. Fin inspected the pond with enchantments that spun dancinglights, but revealed that the pond was nothing more than an underground body of water containing greenish tinged rocks. The cavern was searched however the slain creature’s lair could not be found. To the south a small 10 ft continued on as a 30ft tunnel, opening up to another part of the cavern complex. Fin continued to scout.

The southern cavern was approx 200 × 200 ft, with a small pond in the SE corner (40×40ft) fed from seepage from the SE wall. Fin investigated the pond further and found humanoid bones on the northern shore of the pond. Upon further inspection, amongst the bones a wand was found (identified later as a 10 charge +3 wand of greater resistance), Asparte assimilated it into party treasure. Again Fin uses his dancing lights to inspect the pond, nothing is found of interest.

Fin scours the rest of the cavern, it is apparently non-descript, with a worked stone entrance (10ft) inthe southern wall of the cavern which continues on for 25ft opening up into a E-W hallway. The party follows the hallway West to an oblong carved (80ft N/S x60ft E/W) room which contains debris of smashed furniture, no other exits were found to this room.

This room seems similar to the rooms we inspected inthe prior game session. We decided to fast track the inspection of the immediate complex with the following provisos:
We continue exploring the complex methodically ignoring smashed furniture, funewawy wrappings, bits of debwiii, Fin will scout and report back and the party will then follow along into the inspected area. We will stop fast tracking when something of note occurs.

While scouting Fin encounters a strange large 3 clawed multi-eyed spherical creature and thus it spake:

" Gimme all of your gold or die".

Fin, while not overtly aggressive of demeanour took issue with said freakish aberration and rolled initiative. Further back down the corridor Sven, Silvershine, Tinker and Tinker’s wolf overheard the ensuing battle and gravely threats put forth by the inhabitant of this corner of the dungeon. Gig and Asparte were too engaged in one of Gig’s stories of yester-year of a small boy who didn’t believe in Eccles cakes so Gig turned him into a Chiropractor as punishment, subsequently missed their cue to demonstrate their intestinal fortitude.

Ignoring Asparte and Gig’s inane conversation, Sven produced impressive battle signals to “stop pay attention” to the rest of the party who were concerned about the other-worldly voice engaging with Fin. Sadly no one was really schooled in Paladin battle signals so the overall effect was lost but the rest of the party figured out what he was on about. Sven moved stealthily to the end of the corridor to take a peak, taking a look at the creature from behind.

Fin meanwhile, tried reasoning with the creature after rolling initiative:

“All my gold was left back at the inn”, never mind Fin, worth a try eh.

Creature attacks Fin. Fin spits out multiple images of himself in a defensive posture. Sven engages the creature from the entry of the room. Tinker turns into a small snake and Silversheen moves next to Sven to engage the creature. 3 more creatures appear from the stone work floors and walls.

At this point Asparte and Gig twig that something important is going on. Fin bends the mind of the creatures to see their colleagues as foes and attack each other.

Asparte shapes the stone of the corridor to create a 1.6 ft diameter tunnel to the room in which combat is taking place. (Mike did some pretty impressive maths on calculating the volume).

Gig turns invisible (not that anyone paid any attention to him before anyway), showers one of the creatures in a spray of acid. Sven, Fin, Silvershine engage the creatures,Tinker has summoned elementals to fight also. As the small snake Tinker slithers through Asparte’s tunnel and gets almost ripped into by the creatures toothy maw. After prodded with a stick, Gig raises his fickle finger of fate and rewinds reality, averting the system shock of massive damage that would have removed Tinker from this plane of existence.

Some of the creatures are felled but the fight continues……….



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