Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

11am Waterday 5th Readyreed

Hael the summoner and Rono the duskblade are introduced to the party.

Back at the ruined tower within the decayed remains of the towers of war and magic, the party steels itself once more.

The doors open, horses of bone and skeletal warriors charge, the party engages (minus Gig). Fin summons a phalanx of shadowy fighters. Rono fortifys his strength through magic. Asparte calls down divine power turning the skeletal warriors to dust. Gig waves his hands and showers a spray of acid towards the foes. 4 Longswords and breastplates are placed in the wagon. The party finds out from the dwarves (theiving filthy gyppos) that the sword wraiths are bound to the chariots. In turn the wraiths are bound to those who vandalise the chariots. Asparte checks for tracks. Nothing of significance is found. The party follows the stairs down and find a secret door. Enter into a feast hall, then kitchen area where the part had fought previously with orcs and ogres. Continued down the stairs heading to the chasm with the crevice and the idol without a head, fire giants and gigantic earth creature.

The chasm is entered the giants of fire and stone roar, the fight begins……

The giants are slain, the earth creature flees. A grell resides in the crevice.

The altar has harsh scratch numbering, detection magics and dweomers are cast to divine its origin. Fin checked out the crevase and found the idols head. Asparte’s concern grew the idol looks like Nerull….

The rest of the party reconnected the head to the idol.

Thus it spake:

“Deal my vengance and reap my reward”.

Vassily’s alarm grew and hacked at the idol’s wrists holding the idol out of the cavern.
The wrists break, the idol collapses back into the crevasse.

Asparte and Vassily continue to hack into the idol.

Gig feels odd feeling overcome him.

The idols head sloughs off….

Hael has left and is heading for Greyhawk city.

The party continues through the southern doors of the chasm chamber.

The corridor before them is collapsed. Before the collapse the corridor branches off to the east. The eastern branch continues on and before them is another idol, of gold a beautiful woman. As Fin approaches a scythe slices through the air and misses him by a hair breadth. The statue bleeds until it is ochre red and a vision of Nerull.

Fin checks out the door in the altar room, opens up to a corridor which lead to a series of barracks rooms containing bunks and chests. Fin continues scout.

SIDENOTE: over 280 years ago Zagyg built castle Greyhawk. 180 years ago Zagyg disappeared.
The Tower of War initially housed Zagyg’s army. Over the last 80 years various groups moved into the various levels within the tower of war. 2 of these groups have been clerics of Nerul and Vaprak (Ogres and Trolls). A war of territory ensued, the clerics of Nerull were victorious. There has been an earthquake in the area hence the crevasse.



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