Expedition to the ruins of Greyhawk

A chamber of horrors/The Light is dimmed

As Hael continues to Greyhawk the party enters the Bedchamber to deal with the Half-Orc brute and rescue the maid in distress. As Rono and Vasyli engage the plate clad Half-Orc, Asparte narrowly avoids falling into a pit trap laden with spikes and perhaps worse, as there is also movement in the pit. He then regathers himself and applies a dispel magic on the brute in plate as Tinka starts to summon a good friend of hers.
Rono, heavily and effectively engaged in melee, is suddenly beset with an unwanted paralysis, as Vasyli is given some of his own medicine from the Half-orc who has already tasted his bastard sword. Two strikes from a flaming long sword and a third from a perfectly wielded short sword immediately earn the respect and focus of Vasyli, as he starts to bleed profusely onto the cold stone floor.
Asparte remobilizes Rono with his Panacea but the Duskblade’s attention is drawn to the damsel in distress cowering on the bed and he resolutely heads in her direction, ever the heroic saviour. Tinka’s ferocious friend arrives in the form of a massive ferral wolf who promptly rips and trips the dual wielding enemy, who falls onto the table on which he was making his stand. It is to be his final resting place via the sword of Bahamut’s Vassal, who is bolstered considerably by the healing hand of Pelor, via His Noble Radiance Asparte.
Gig, having delayed his contemplation of the perfection of the Eccles cake, flies magically into the room and positions himself over the pit, a cunning plan developing in his somewhat formidable mind…………… To be contd
……………oh, he half forgot what it was and then remembered that he couldn’t transpose an enemy creature into mid air with that spell after all.

Meanwhile Hael is enjoying the sunshine and the stroll toward Greyhawk when he is suddenly assaulted with a fiery orb from the roadside ahead. Calling upon the powers of evil that dwell deep within him, he summons forth a ghastly viper and a fiendish hawk to assist him in battle against what appears to be a snake made if fire.
Hael disappears from view amidst a swirl of duplicate images and is surprised when the fire serpent strikes home with a savage bite and manages to constrict him in a deadly embrace of fire. In desperation Hael teleports out of the stranglehold and as his evil associates then engage the serpent, Hael is allowed to slip away as they sacrifice their existence on the material plane for him.
A minor altercation and Greyhawk is again his focus.

Back in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, Asparte, having channeled healing into Rono, is paralyzed after meeting the foul beasts gaze for but a moment. Tinka summons the aid of an arrow hawk who blasts the beast with an electrical burst, inspiring a bout of feminine laughter that seems otherworldly coming from the ghastly visage of the clawed creature.
Vasili blocks the ears of Rono who comes out of his captivated stupor and rallies to the fray. This inspires a frenzied attack by the foul beast, so furious in fact that it deeply wounds itself as it attempts to tear Rono apart. However it then turns its merciless focus onto the helpless servant of Pelor who is still frozen to the spot. Wrapping it’s huge claws around his throat, it squeezes and tears until a distinct snapping sound is heard throughout the chamber and the radiant Asparte collapses lifeless to the floor……..to be contd

Statue and Assassin 28/4/12

As a nervous Hael heads back to Greyhawk City to do some research on Nerull and statues of, Asparte, Vasyli and Tinka more than undo any restorations to Nerull’s statue they had made. Gyg is rudely awakened from his sleep by a voice booming from the shadows, “Deal my vengeance and reap my rewards”. He then watches on with Rono and Finnegal as hands and head are hacked from the body and the statue is partially toppled into the crevasse.

The party, minus Hael, then moved through a southern door where Finnegal “discovered” a comely statue of a woman made of gold, who then morphed into a not so comely statue of Nerull and nearly took his hand off with a scythe. Having survived with but a flesh wound, Finn led the party through a door to the East and they searched four bedrooms off a hallway to no avail.

Ever the party scout Finn, after listening at and examining a door at the Eastern end of the hallway, moved into a room beyond to examine some papers left on a desk. A realization that the list was an itemization of goods acquired on the 24th of Patchwall was the second last thought of his life. The last was a recognition of the fact that he, a master of stealth and evasion (peskylittlevarmintness),had himself been outstealthed, as a rapier was precisely driven between his ribs into his heart.

Sliced and diced by the greatsword of Rono, the horned assassin fled through a door to the North and up some stairs, which is where he was felled by a mighty blow from Vasili as he entered another room. A lovely human female lies in ripped garments upon a bed at the other side of the room and a not so lovely half Orc in black full plate shouts “How dare you violate my domain”, as he stands up from a table and draws his swords,one long and one short.

11am Waterday 5th Readyreed

Hael the summoner and Rono the duskblade are introduced to the party.

Back at the ruined tower within the decayed remains of the towers of war and magic, the party steels itself once more.

The doors open, horses of bone and skeletal warriors charge, the party engages (minus Gig). Fin summons a phalanx of shadowy fighters. Rono fortifys his strength through magic. Asparte calls down divine power turning the skeletal warriors to dust. Gig waves his hands and showers a spray of acid towards the foes. 4 Longswords and breastplates are placed in the wagon. The party finds out from the dwarves (theiving filthy gyppos) that the sword wraiths are bound to the chariots. In turn the wraiths are bound to those who vandalise the chariots. Asparte checks for tracks. Nothing of significance is found. The party follows the stairs down and find a secret door. Enter into a feast hall, then kitchen area where the part had fought previously with orcs and ogres. Continued down the stairs heading to the chasm with the crevice and the idol without a head, fire giants and gigantic earth creature.

The chasm is entered the giants of fire and stone roar, the fight begins……

The giants are slain, the earth creature flees. A grell resides in the crevice.

The altar has harsh scratch numbering, detection magics and dweomers are cast to divine its origin. Fin checked out the crevase and found the idols head. Asparte’s concern grew the idol looks like Nerull….

The rest of the party reconnected the head to the idol.

Thus it spake:

“Deal my vengance and reap my reward”.

Vassily’s alarm grew and hacked at the idol’s wrists holding the idol out of the cavern.
The wrists break, the idol collapses back into the crevasse.

Asparte and Vassily continue to hack into the idol.

Gig feels odd feeling overcome him.

The idols head sloughs off….

Hael has left and is heading for Greyhawk city.

The party continues through the southern doors of the chasm chamber.

The corridor before them is collapsed. Before the collapse the corridor branches off to the east. The eastern branch continues on and before them is another idol, of gold a beautiful woman. As Fin approaches a scythe slices through the air and misses him by a hair breadth. The statue bleeds until it is ochre red and a vision of Nerull.

Fin checks out the door in the altar room, opens up to a corridor which lead to a series of barracks rooms containing bunks and chests. Fin continues scout.

SIDENOTE: over 280 years ago Zagyg built castle Greyhawk. 180 years ago Zagyg disappeared.
The Tower of War initially housed Zagyg’s army. Over the last 80 years various groups moved into the various levels within the tower of war. 2 of these groups have been clerics of Nerul and Vaprak (Ogres and Trolls). A war of territory ensued, the clerics of Nerull were victorious. There has been an earthquake in the area hence the crevasse.

Godsday 4th Readyreed

FASTTRACK: Tinker with party again. Asparte advises items on wolf had been removed before the body could be retrieved. Fin suspects Grizgol used items to replenish itsef. Tinker wants to teleport wolf body back to the woods (HA!!). Asparte said “beyond my capacity”. Tinker hires funerary train for wolf (20gp). Tinker buys a ring of sustenance and healing collar. Fin and Tinker stay in Verbabonc. Vassily and Asparte teleport to Green Dragon Inn. Asparte had made a vow to perform ritual healing at Greyhawk Cuthbertine temple on Godsday. Vassily spends his time (probably getting smashed) at the Green Dragon.
Later that night Asparte returns to the Green Dragon to see Vassily and an unhinged Gig at the lords table. Gig now has a faintly glowing symbol of Zagyg. Asparte retires to the Cuthbertine temple to fill in Eritaya and finish up. Fin and Tinker come to the Inn later on.

9am Moonday 3rd Readyreed

Notes a little sketchy..

Gig wakes in total darkness except for a faint glow from his left cheek. There is a faint rustling in the distance. Feeling along the wall Gig heads to the store room and teleports to the Green Dragon……

Tinkers wolf is dead and the remaineder of the party (Asparte, Fin, Tinker, Vassily) make their way to Grandma Henry’s. Fin proceeds to research regarding constructs and other things. Asparte meets with Neshia brings her up to speed on what has been happening. Asparte communes with powers celestial with the following answers:

  • Iuz is always a threat
  • Face the fear of the earth

Asparte suggests we return and start were we found the caravan goods before and face the gigantic earth creature. Fin paid 90gp and found out about the foes we faced: Elder Xorn; Umber hulk; Shadesteel golem.

Fin and Asparte decide to return to the ruined library to retrieve the corpses of our fellow party members and the magic collar from Tinker’s wolf. Fin and Asparte buff themselves crazy with protective spells. Asparte triggers the Jackal helm and they arrive invisibly in the ruined library. Asparte’s invisible shield lights the way.

The foe (Grizgol) is apparent over the bodies, giant size Asparte grabs the corpses, Grizgol swings at invisible Asparte, Fin releases a wall of thick cloying fog.

Asparte drags out the corpses of Silversheen and Sven, Fin casts an illusion to distract the Grizgol, the party teleports to Grandma Henry’s in Verbabonc.

FASTTRACK: No magic items left on bodies; coinage still on bodies; wait until Tinker comes back from summoning a replacement companion; Discussed approaching elevatorshaft to find a way to get the trade goods out of the tower. Vassily confirmed goods in shaft small portion compared to main list. Asparte speaks again with high priest for any leads. No one knows what happened to Gig. Plan is to return and fight Giganting earth creature. Vassily asks about the dwarves and trade goods. Nesia says best adventurers were sent to follow leads, but recruiting adventures would best be done in Greyhawk. Tinker has summonded huge viper as companion. Bodies of the dead are dealt with at the cathederal of Tritherion.

12.30pm Sunday 2nd Readyreed

The fight continues……

The terran devourers with crude maws and thrashing triad limbs were kept at bay by Sven, Fin, Silvershine and the prostrate forms of Tinker’s Elementals (critical fumbles “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”). Asparte performed St Mayaheine’s liturgies of protection, fortifying (healing) Sven, in the face of the abominations thunderous blows.

Gig finally realised the struggle would encroach on his post lunch nap, calls on the gods of joss (and anyone who will give him the time of day), knitting together a sizable ball of lightning on the leg of one of the creatures. Fin reaches out with dark energies and clasps the gullet of one of the creatures (inevitable defeat touch spell) sending the miserly beast fleeing into the stone from whence it came.

With blade-work, of which the like Veluna had not seen in 100 years, Sven fended off the rain of blows from the remaining creature. Recovered from her brush with death, Tinker whispers to the stones of the earth and the fires below conjuring a pillar of flame and fury (FLAME STRIIIIKE!!!) upon the remaining creature. Amongst the blackened stone and tongues of flame the rock-like beast gives no ground.

The adventures continued to pummel the creature but to no avail, it is out of the struggle that Silvershine launched himself at the foe. With a mighty blow (nice crit dude) the enemy spun and swayed. Tinker’s elementals moved in and bludgeoned the beast mercilessly with caveman like brutality. As the elementals dissipate to their realm beyond the seen all that is left of the foes are unsightly stains and the upturned stone and smoke of a titanic fight.

The adventures gather together and take stock of the situation as Asparte tends to the wounds of the victors, Sven steels himself for the possibility of ambush from the remaining foe which fled through the stone.

At this point as the room has no doors we re-instigate the fast track approach to continuing on through the labyrinth of corridors and rooms. Fin scouts ahead (cloaked in shadow), reports back, returns to scouting and the party continues on. the party forms a linear marching order due to the nature of some of the corridors.

Fin headed down the long corridor running south, which became a crossroad east-west, continuing southwards. The southern corridor had three smaller corridors that broke off the main corridor, these led to small rooms (30×30) which contained broken vials, torn parchments broken apparatus and scorch marks on stone. Fin searched the rooms grabbing remaining intact vials, drawing on the arcane to perceive any sources of magic, none were found. The main corridor continued southward. The part followed Fin down past the last of the three off shoot corridors, Gig summoned dweomers of alarm (alarm spell) upon the crossroads behind to make sure we would know of any unpleasant company that might sneak up on us.

Fin continues on the corridor to the south opens up to a much larger room, does a cursory search. After the party become aware of the larger room the party (with the exception of Gig) move toward the entry of the larger room. Asparte activates his sphere of light, darkness flees as the 120 NS x200 EW room is displayed. The room appears to be the wreckage of an immense library. In the middle of the room stands a large figure wrapped in parchment, glints of metal peak out under the belted multiple robes of the unnervingly still humanoid.

On edge, aware of the perils already in faced in the dungeons of castle Greyhawk, the party prepares itself. From the rear of the corridor entry Gig splits into multiple images of the old man as he surveys the scene. Gig screams out above the peel of thunder as he calls forth crackling lightning at the figures feet “beware it is contructed from items of magic!”. Asparte steps into the librarium making the sign of St Mayaheine warding himself from the actions of the un-human (sancturary). Fin speaks the words of the old ones and the adventures actions become swift and sure (haste). Tinker called on spirits of beasts fell and fair to grant an ally in the ensuing struggle (natures ally), from the shadows a wolf most dire pads into the room the size of a large horse.

The figure (staring right at Gig) tilts his head almost imperceptibly as reality fractures, behind the tear, visions of roiling hells and oceans of fiery suns could be seen. From the tear in reality a conflagration of hell and fire barrage the party centred on the dire wolf (reducing it to a rat chewed piece of charcoal then a shadow on the wall), then erupting in waves of flame and superheat in all directions. Torrents of flame ripp down the corridor and engulf Gig in a curtain of flame. Gigs last thought funnily enough before being incinerated, then shattered into superfine particles by the 3rd shockwave was “not again” (which has lead to significant speculation by the unseen powers monitoring the situation).

Sven with blade aloft charges into battle with the shrouded envoy of death. Asparte tends to the remaining party members dispensing grace much needed after the nuclear holocaust.

Fin calls on powers arcane and attempted to strip the unnatural figure of its magical might, but to no avail (dispel magic). Silvershine, jumps in to engage the creature with Sven.

The figure fends of the blades and talons of Sven and Silvershine and began preparing a second round of other-worldy magicks..

Sven and Silvershine, seizing the opportunity (AoO) attack and fumble overcome from the scene they had previously witnessed.

The party takes a deep breath as the hooded creature forms a circle with its hands. Un-holy dry winds whip around Silvershine and Sven as they shrivel, drop their weapons, no longer able to support their weight as they dessicate into a pair of raisins (figuratively).

Fin, Tinker and Asparte look on in horror as their companions being so easily swept aside, taking stock of the situation the remaining party members flee back down the corridor and run the corridors of time and space to flee to Verbobonc……

Sunday 2nd Readyreed

Issues from last time:

  • Rianne (Boccobites) advised us it is rumoured that Calistus the 1/2 demon/dark elf is in residence in the dungeons under the tower we have been exploring.
  • Eritraha queried us as to any signs of Iuz
  • The party has been employed by the Merchant Traders Guild & the Able Carter Coaching Co. to recover their lost wares in relation to the raiding ogres and orcs who may have a base in the dungeons that we are pursuing. Inventories and ledgers have been provided to the party.
  • Pursuing Vokos (whom we suspect of the desecration of the corpse) is no longer a concern to the party we have delegated his capture to the Bocvobites and Cuthbertines.
  • We have been tasked with retrieving the “Blade of Chaos”, for Rikard Demaris (proprietor of the Green dragon inn).

After the bar brawl, theparty slept then teleported into the dungeons, in the corridors adjacent to the lift shaft.

Light sources were Asparte’s shield and Sven’s buckle of light.

The party then explored for 90 minutes. Fin using dweomer-craft detected hidden doors. Eventually the party faced off against a nightmarish carapaced beast (part beetle, part gorilla), which had a talent to bewilder and confused the minds of those who looked upon it. Nonetheless it was slain.

the area of the encounter opened up to large natural cavern (300ft x 300ft approx sq) to the west. Asparte used his glass sphere of light to inspect the immediate surrounds after healing Sven. Fin took the lead in scouting the area. Gig couldn’t see what all the commotion was about, you’ve seen one beetle gorilla freak with multiple eyes you’ve seen them all.

The cavern was nondescript with a stream running from the northwest from a small underground pond(80ft x 50ft in the NW corner). The NW wall seeped water from another source and fed the pond. Fin inspected the pond with enchantments that spun dancinglights, but revealed that the pond was nothing more than an underground body of water containing greenish tinged rocks. The cavern was searched however the slain creature’s lair could not be found. To the south a small 10 ft continued on as a 30ft tunnel, opening up to another part of the cavern complex. Fin continued to scout.

The southern cavern was approx 200 × 200 ft, with a small pond in the SE corner (40×40ft) fed from seepage from the SE wall. Fin investigated the pond further and found humanoid bones on the northern shore of the pond. Upon further inspection, amongst the bones a wand was found (identified later as a 10 charge +3 wand of greater resistance), Asparte assimilated it into party treasure. Again Fin uses his dancing lights to inspect the pond, nothing is found of interest.

Fin scours the rest of the cavern, it is apparently non-descript, with a worked stone entrance (10ft) inthe southern wall of the cavern which continues on for 25ft opening up into a E-W hallway. The party follows the hallway West to an oblong carved (80ft N/S x60ft E/W) room which contains debris of smashed furniture, no other exits were found to this room.

This room seems similar to the rooms we inspected inthe prior game session. We decided to fast track the inspection of the immediate complex with the following provisos:
We continue exploring the complex methodically ignoring smashed furniture, funewawy wrappings, bits of debwiii, Fin will scout and report back and the party will then follow along into the inspected area. We will stop fast tracking when something of note occurs.

While scouting Fin encounters a strange large 3 clawed multi-eyed spherical creature and thus it spake:

" Gimme all of your gold or die".

Fin, while not overtly aggressive of demeanour took issue with said freakish aberration and rolled initiative. Further back down the corridor Sven, Silvershine, Tinker and Tinker’s wolf overheard the ensuing battle and gravely threats put forth by the inhabitant of this corner of the dungeon. Gig and Asparte were too engaged in one of Gig’s stories of yester-year of a small boy who didn’t believe in Eccles cakes so Gig turned him into a Chiropractor as punishment, subsequently missed their cue to demonstrate their intestinal fortitude.

Ignoring Asparte and Gig’s inane conversation, Sven produced impressive battle signals to “stop pay attention” to the rest of the party who were concerned about the other-worldly voice engaging with Fin. Sadly no one was really schooled in Paladin battle signals so the overall effect was lost but the rest of the party figured out what he was on about. Sven moved stealthily to the end of the corridor to take a peak, taking a look at the creature from behind.

Fin meanwhile, tried reasoning with the creature after rolling initiative:

“All my gold was left back at the inn”, never mind Fin, worth a try eh.

Creature attacks Fin. Fin spits out multiple images of himself in a defensive posture. Sven engages the creature from the entry of the room. Tinker turns into a small snake and Silversheen moves next to Sven to engage the creature. 3 more creatures appear from the stone work floors and walls.

At this point Asparte and Gig twig that something important is going on. Fin bends the mind of the creatures to see their colleagues as foes and attack each other.

Asparte shapes the stone of the corridor to create a 1.6 ft diameter tunnel to the room in which combat is taking place. (Mike did some pretty impressive maths on calculating the volume).

Gig turns invisible (not that anyone paid any attention to him before anyway), showers one of the creatures in a spray of acid. Sven, Fin, Silvershine engage the creatures,Tinker has summoned elementals to fight also. As the small snake Tinker slithers through Asparte’s tunnel and gets almost ripped into by the creatures toothy maw. After prodded with a stick, Gig raises his fickle finger of fate and rewinds reality, averting the system shock of massive damage that would have removed Tinker from this plane of existence.

Some of the creatures are felled but the fight continues……….

Earliest recorded notes

These notes are pretty sketchy, if you guys can clarify or amend go for your life.

Party finds disabled “Able Carter Coach Company” caravans, the caravans have orange and black heraldry/symbols of the company. they were heading south, we were heading north.

Bocobite cleric “Akten” escorts wagon from Divers. Rigby died and is returning to Verbabonc

We come to Havel, a Half orc rides a harnessed wyvern (carrying potions, goggles, sickle, dagger, appears to be second in command). Amongst ogres and orcs and multilimbed humanoids. A half orc commander carrying “the blade of chaos” yelled out “Kill the witnesses”.

Ricard Demaris returned from Divers. Orc force fled to hills in the North, archers amongst them.
Tracked orcs to ruins of castle Greyhawk towers of Magic, War

Gig donates to Havel, party attempts to help Havel clean up.

The Short Story so far.

Commissioned by Bishop Haufren and Her Glorious Radiance Neshia High Priestess of Pelor, the party has travelled to the Free City of Greyhawk.

The Patriarch Cleric of Boccob Riggby has died naturally at a ripe old age, much,it is feared, to a certain Demigods disgust.Iuz the Evil, The Old One, master and perfecter of cruelty, surviving an assassination attempt twenty seven years earlier by Riggby and five others, swore vengeance upon all of his attackers, dedicating a portion of his not inconsiderable eternal rage toward plotting their destruction. Thus the Bishop and Her Radiance have not totally discounted the disquieting rumours emanating from Greyhawk that Iuz is, perhaps, in more of a rage than normal, if that were possible, and that his revenge is imminent.

Preceeding the procession of Riggby’s corpse, you have been sent to investigate any potential threats to the peace of the region, in particular in relation to the passing of Riggby.

Zagig’s bridge spanning the Selintan River a couple of miles out of the Free City of Greyhawk was the scene of your first confrontation since leaving Verbobonc. The destitute settlement of Havel was the scene of a raid on a caravan by a party of orcs and ogres led by a half-Orc sorcerer mounted on a wyvern, none of whom ever expected your party to come charging over the hill to summarily despatch them in no short time.

It was here that you tended to a wounded and dying Ricard Demaris,proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn. In gratitude he has extended his somewhat considerable hospitality to you at his Inn in the River Quarter of Greyhawk City.

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